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how to make crack cocaine, Cocaine for sale, Buy cocaine online. Crack cocaine is a modified, freebase form of the stimulant drug cocaine hydrochloride (or powder cocaine). Crack resembles small, off-white, crystalline rocks. If you press one of these crack rocks to your tongue, it will cause a numbing sensation due to the drug’s anesthetic effects.

Crack, unlike powder cocaine, does not dissolve in water or alcohol and is smoked rather than injected or inhaled. Smoking crack delivers a massive dose of the drug from the lungs to the brain within seconds.
Any form of cocaine is considered a schedule II controlled substance. Crack first appeared in the United States in the early 1980s and its use quickly became widespread, especially in urban areas.

how to make crack cocaine

How Crack Is Made | Buy Cocaine Online

Crack cocaine is made by modifying powdered cocaine to extract the base cocaine, changing the drug’s physical qualities.
It Starts With Cocaine
To produce cocaine, leaves from the coca plant are harvested in South America, primarily in Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru.
Cocaine may be modified by drug dealers into crack cocaine in batches before or after being smuggled across international borders, and some consumers even choose to convert small amounts of cocaine powder into crack cocaine at home.
Modifying Cocaine To Produce Crack

Making crack cocaine with baking powder is a relatively simple process. The drug is mixed into a solution of water and either sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, though ammonia may sometimes be used instead) and boiled until a solid substance is formed and removed from the mixture.
Once the freebase cocaine dries, it is broken into chunks (rocks) and used or sold.

how to make crack cocaine | Buy Crack Cocaine

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